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The state of Florida has something to offer everyone. Whether it’s our stunning beaches, world-renowned entertainment, unbeatable parks, or always sunny disposition, there’s a lifestyle available for nearly everyone. Within the hundreds of towns and communities in Florida, why should you choose Sarasota? With extraordinary beaches tantamount to any of southern Florida’s best, and access to an urban center like Tampa, Sarasota is a crown jewel on Florida’s west coast. Sarasota also offers an element of affordability that’s not always available on Florida’s east coast. While cities like Miami and Orlando continue to garner optimal attention, Sarasota and western Florida remain untapped wealth. Less traffic, less crime, and a generally more equitable cost of living.

As your realtors in Sarasota FL, everyone on our team has a deep understanding of the city and its enclaves. Here are some of the reasons why Sarasota is a city you should definitely be considering, especially if you have an interest in the state of Florida.

  1. 1. Sarasota has an average temperature of 72 degrees. The perfect kind of temperature, warm yet comfortable especially in comparison to some of Florida’s other cities.
  2. 2.  Sarasota County has 13 public beaches and over 35 miles of postcard-worthy sandy beaches. Adjacent to Sarasota is Siesta Key. Siesta Key has been touted as one of the country’s best beaches by multiple publications and media outlets.
  3. 3.  Fancy yourself a game of golf? You won’t have any problem finding a tee time. Sarasota County has over 1,000 public, private, and semi-private golf courses. Play all year long thanks to our unbeatable weather!
  4. 4.  For those who prefer a body of water less volatile than the ocean, we have plenty of that too! Sarasota is home to the Myakka River, which boasts 58 miles of opportunity for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. 
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Life in the Area

Sarasota Florida Homes for Sale

One of the most common misconceptions about Florida is that it generally only appeals to retirees. Granted, the state definitely appeals to many in that phase of life. However, Florida is a state of 21 million-plus individuals. You will find people from all walks of life here, pursuing different passions in life, and a multitude of career paths. As always, the media’s depiction of places like Florida isn’t necessarily reality.  What’s the reality of Sarasota? Here is some information that helps to paint a picture of the city.

  • As of 2019, Sarasota has a population of 58,000 and counting.
  • Sarasota is optimally placed. With proximity to larger cities like Bradenton (and major cities like Tampa), Sarasota County also houses various keys. Including Lido, St. Armands, Otter, Casey, Coon, Bird, and portions of Siesta Key.
  • The real estate rush has greatly affected much of Florida, including Sarasota. As a result, the city limits expanded significantly in the early twentieth century. As a realtor Sarasota is a goldmine of opportunity with plenty of neighborhoods and enclaves to explore.
  • Today, Sarasota has a total area of 25.9 miles. It’s a perfect location for those who enjoy the optics of a small town, while still having access to major metropolitan areas and amenities.
  • All things considered, Sarasota is a relatively small area. Nevertheless, given its proximity to several major cities, it offers a lot of the amenities of Tampa without the negative drawbacks of major city life.
Mapping The Neighborhoods

Homes for Sale Sarasota

Despite its relatively small size, Sarasota is home to a robust network of neighborhoods. Each one has a distinctive feel, often appealing to individuals of various lifestyles and backgrounds. Perhaps that is one of Sarasota’s biggest selling points. Whatever it is your specific household is looking for, there’s plenty to explore in Sarasota. The city currently offers a versatile selection of the new and old. As a well-established city, there are plenty of older housing options that beckon decades back. Nevertheless, as a modern-day tourist destination, Sarasota has all the bells and whistles to keep up with a modern tourist town. Thus, many new developments have transcended the city. Here are some of Sarasota’s neighborhoods, including the atmosphere and general cultural lifestyle of the area:

Wellen Park: A quiet enclave with access to a vibrant and bustling downtown scene. Known for its friendly faces and a deep sense of community, Wellen Park is ideal for those who value a sense of togetherness and unity. It’s a newer community with plenty to offer by way of shopping and retail.

Osprey: Osprey beckons back to an old-school Florida. Situated in the center of the county, Osprey is optimally located with access to just about any neighborhood or city in the county. Speaking of location, Osprey is only a five-minute drive north of Sarasota. Much of Osprey lies on the intercoastal waterway. Ergo, if you’ve ever aspired of living peacefully by the water, Osprey is definitely one for you.

Arlington: Arlington beckons the quaint and idyllic feel of a postcard. This historic neighborhood is full of architecture from the 1960s and 1970s, 1980s making it a shoo-in for old Florida nostalgia. While there’s no shortage of immaculate new homes Sarasota has a neighborhood for everyone. The historic Sarasota School of Architecture beckons a slice of academia to the area.

Rosemary District: Yet another historic neighborhood, the Rosemary District has recently benefited from a holistic rejuvenation. The area is now popular among the cities younger residents, although it is a space welcoming to all.

Celery Fields: Interesting and eclectic, Celery Fields has the distinct feeling of solitude that’s not always easy to come across in Florida’s coastal cities. Celery offers acres of stunning, deed-restricted subdivisions. Finding its namesake in the crop that once grew in abundance throughout its fields, the quiet neighborhood now sits in its wake. A slice of serenity that still offers optimal access, Celery Fields is a true oasis.

And More: What makes Sarasota an ideal place to live is its versatility. There’s an enclave, a lifestyle, a culture, and a neighborhood for everyone. With plenty of options for brand new housing or historic builds, you can live your dream in the area with ease and affordability. There’s much to explore here, and our team of seasoned realtors knows the area intimately. What’s your vision? We’ll make it a reality.

All About the

New Homes in Sarasota FL

Sarasota has a surprising number of new developments and options for new homes. As the area continues to grow and evolve, so does the demand for new housing. Especially considering the fact that Sarasota has a decent amount of affordable options in homes and housing. As is standard with most coastal cities, Sarasota was first settled primarily by the ocean, the western side of the city. In turn, the eastern area of the county went largely undeveloped, until now.

A quick google search will yield a plethora of new housing opportunities. Many of these new homes are available in well-established areas with a mixture of old and new. However, many new developments have settled in the east, offering a glossy, brand-new atmosphere. How do you go picking between old and new? There are pros and cons to living in homes of all ages.

Here are some of the reasons why a new home might be for you. 

1. Obviously, hew homes are a lot less susceptible to issues commonly found in older homes. A new home offers a brand-new landscape, with a series of new appliances, new technology, and various other benefits reflective of the time. New homes are usually more customizable than their older counterparts.

2. A lot of new homes in the Sarasota area are in developed communities. While there are still plenty of options for new houses for sale Sarasota FL located and adjacent, a lot of them exist in pre-planned communities like Lakewood Ranch. We spotlight Lakewood Ranch and many of its amenities, but it’s important to remember that community living is not for everyone. If you enjoy something more rustic and individualized, you might find trouble finding a new home that meets that metric. Although if any team of realtors can find the needle in a haystack, it’s the Macdonald Watrobsky Group.

3. New homes in developed communities offer an authentic chance for localized living. As we trend more towards sustainability and local-first initiatives, a new house in a new development is surprisingly geared for that kind of living.

From Old to

New Homes Sarasota FL Living is For Everyone

When it comes to matching people with homes, we’ve always been a cut above. With over 40 combined years of experience, you wouldn’t find a better-qualified group to lead you through your purchase. We strongly believe that in order to sell Sarasota, one must know Sarasota intimately. We know these neighborhoods intimately, providing our clients with accurate information that reflects them authentically.

We also stand behind the fact that Sarasota is one of the best places to live in the country. As with any city, it’s not without its problems or drawbacks. Any realtor who would insinuate otherwise is not being sincere. There are problems here as there are problems everywhere. Nevertheless, we’re passionate about finding the right home for you. Let’s explore Sarasota together. For premier access to houses for sale in Sarasota Florida, call the MacDonald Watrobsky Group today.

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