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Lakewood Ranch is Sarasota Florida’s premier master-planned community. Situated conveniently in southeastern Manatee County and northeastern Sarasota County, Lakewood has an optimal location. Sitting on approximately 31,000 acres, you’ll find plenty of space and solitude to be had at this stunning enclave. Lakewood Ranch is considered a part of the North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota Florida Metropolitan Area.

How does Lakewood Ranch compare locationally to other areas in Sarasota and Manatee Counties? Here are some logistics about Lakewood’s location and its proximity to other landmarks in the area.


The nearest interstate to Lakewood Ranch is I-75. The interstate makes it easy for those living in Lakewood Ranch to access Sarasota and Bradenton, the area’s two largest cities. Moreover, I-75 will take residents directly to Tampa or it feeds into highway I-275, a direct link to Saint Petersburg. As a result, Lakewood Ranch is a hop and a skip, and a commute away to the majority of west Florida’s best cities.


Lakewood Ranch is located

    • →53 miles from Tampa
    • →39 miles from St. Pete
    • →11 miles from Sarasota
    • →18 miles to Longboat Key
    • →17 miles to Siesta Key

Despite its proximity to the urban core of west Florida, Lakewood Ranch in itself offers seclusion and solitude all its own. At the same time, it has premier access to the area’s most beautiful beaches and cosmopolitan cities.


As of now, there are plenty of options for Lakewood Ranch Sarasota FL homes for sale. With varying ranges of affordability, there’s something for everyone in the master-planned community, which boasts all of its own amenities.

New homes in Lakewood Ranch FL
Mapping Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch Florida Homes for Sale

Lakewood Ranch is a master-planned community. In order to understand what life is like in a place like Lakewood Ranch, it’s important to understand what a master-planned community is and what it entails. To put it simply, a master-planned community is basically exactly what it sounds like. A community that has been purposefully and carefully planned from the very beginning of its inception. The epicenter of the community is, of course, the residential area. From there, carefully planned amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping districts, and more, create a living and breathing, self-sustaining network. With that said, master-planned communities definitely vary in what they offer and what they don’t. Some don’t have all of the aforementioned offerings.

Another hallmark of a planned community is carefully constructed architecture. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is identical. However, there are usually standards in place that keep everything looking relatively uniform. Master-planned communities usually vary in their offerings in terms of types of homes, architecture, dimensions, etc. Despite the variances in the types of homes, every home meets the standards for quality according to the development. Most developed communities, including Lakewood Ranch, incorporate different types of housing to accommodate individuals, households, and lifestyles. Basically, you can upsize, downsize, and diversify all in one community. There’s something for everyone, and this is pertinent to the fabric of Lakewood Ranch.

The goal of a master-planned community like Lakewood Ranch is more than just creating beautiful homes in a gorgeous locale. There are actually many benefits to living in a development. Homes for sale in Lakewood Ranch Sarasota FL are more than just individual spaces, they’re connected to a greater network of community and sustainability. Developed communities keep you from having to jump from city to city to get your amenities. With everything located conveniently in one network, you get to leave when you want to versus when you need to. Above all else, Lakewood Ranch fosters a sense of camaraderie, ushering back to a generation where neighbors always knew each other and came together over mutual interests and goals. 

Life in Lakewood

Houses for Sale Lakewood Ranch FL

Now that you know more about general life in master-planned communities, let’s talk specifically about Lakewood Ranch and what it offers residents of Florida. Lakewood’s mission is that they’re here to curate the good life. What started as one family’s vision turned into a thriving network over 100 years later. Through careful planning and an artistic touch to development, Lakewood Ranch is cut above other developments, offering solace to individuals of all ages.

Lakewood Ranch implements a select group of builders to ensure that the area is held together by a universal thread of architecture. The Lakewood information center can provide more context to the building process, as can our competent team at MacDonald Watrobsky Group. As certified sellers in the community, we know how to shuffle through the various options to bring you exactly what you need. Many of the finest builders in the country can be found within the confines of Lakewood Ranch. The community features enough builders to add versatility and options while keeping it exclusive enough to maintain uniformity and order. Lakewood Ranch is divided into different villages that feature certain builders. With options starting from the $300,000’s to 1 million, we mean it when we say we have something here for everyone. Want to start from scratch? The community offers opportunities for prospective residents to move into Lakewood Ranch new homes or build their own dream home from the ground up. Whatever the case may be, there’s not a lifestyle that can’t be accommodated thanks to our unique builds and plans. 

The Lakewood Ranch Features Homes Built By:

  • → R. Horton
  • → Del Webb
  • → Divosta
  • → Freedom Homes by D.R. Horton
  • → Neal Communities
  • → Homes by Towne
  • → Kolter Homes
  • → Neal Signature Homes
  • → Taylor Morrison
  • → And many more!

Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. We at the MacDonald Watrobsky Group are experts at finding you the right home by streamlining all of your needs into one convenient place. Finding the right home is equal parts finding the right house and the right neighborhood. We feel confident that if Lakewood Ranch sounds like the place for you, you’ll find it to be true. Lakewood Ranch is an area we feature for many reasons. Its beauty, diversity, and amenities are perfect for people of all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Build From Scratch

Build From Scratch

At this point in its development, Lakewood Ranch has more than enough options for people and households to move in. However, if you’re wondering about starting from scratch and building from the ground up? It’s a possibility at Lakewood Ranch that offers yet another level of customization. Lakewood Ranch features a collective of some of the country’s most respected and coveted home builders. With them, they bring experience, talent, and impeccable workmanship and craftsmanship. Homes built in Lakewood Ranch aren’t just built to look good, they’re built to function well.

With new build options, we’ll help get you in touch with the right people and iron out the logistics of purchasing the proper plots. From there, Lakewood Ranch offers the freedom for prospective residents to choose from over 10 different builders! Our builders feature in different communities. Therefore, our job as realtors is to connect you with the right builder in the right village, to create a harmonious merger of home and location. With intimate connections to the area, we’re the Lakewood Ranch realtors you want on your side as you navigate this wonderful and versatile community.

Established and New Homes in Lakewood Ranch FL for Your Consideration

Beyond the housing opportunities available at Lakewood Ranch, what can you expect from the master development? Lakewood is keen on a sense of community, which makes events a focal point. Bringing people together over common interests and community values is a specialty. Life at Lakewood Ranch is versatile, full, and enriching, with options for entertainment, education, and its own established retail corridor. With luxury and sustainability at the forefront, Lakewood Ranch operates just as any other city would. However, our residents take pride in our community keeping it clean, safe, and livable for people of all variations and backgrounds. We operate like a well-oiled machine with smart and lucrative approaches to functionality and resource.  

More than just Homes for Sale Lakewood Ranch Florida offers options for senior living, home rentals, and apartment rentals. In turn, the community is a more equitable and versatile place to call home. At Macdonald Watrobsky Group, we’re deeply entrenched with life at Lakewood Ranch, and know how to point you in the right direction.

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Whether we’re matching our clients up with homes in Lakewood Ranch or the greater Sarasota area, our team at MacDonald Watrobsky group is all about finding the right fit for you and your lifestyle. We believe that finding your forever home is equal parts finding the right neighborhood and home. As a result, we are here to help you go through the motions whether you’re buying, selling, or in need of both. Our services and experience make us the ideal option for Sarasota residents. With a deep acquaintance of Sarasota and nearly all its bedroom communities, we’re in the business of matching people with the homes of their dreams.

Ready to find the house of your dreams in a neighborhood you’ll love coming home to at the end of the day? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s premiere homes for sale in Lakewood Ranch or one of Sarasota’s many wonderful neighborhoods, we’ll help you find the right home. With MacDonald Watrobsky Group you’ll never have to settle for less.

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