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Before we get into some of the nuances of selling, here’s an important reminder to carry with you. The real estate market ebbs and flows despite general trends nationwide. While there is benefit and value to knowing the current trends, your realtor is going to know better than anyone how things are currently unfolding in your area. In this case, Sarasota is one of the country’s thriving markets. Interest rates are low and cash buyers are out here making waves. With no signs of plateauing in the near future, here are some selling tips.

Get to know the value of yours and other Sarasota FL homes for sale: Striking the right balance between a fair yet advantageous asking price is something a reputable realtor can do for you. Incidentally, a lot of the optics around selling have to do with perception (amongst other things). For example, what are houses in your neighborhood selling for? Especially the ones that are comparable in size, style, and age. Then you have the matter of what city you and state you reside in.  For instance, a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, 1,500 square foot condo in a Miami high rise is going to have a completely different value than a home of the exact same dimensions in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska. Our group of distinguished realtors will provide you recommended asking prices. 

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Given the nature of the market in Sarasota, there’s a good chance you could receive multiple offers on your home. With interest rates being so low, and an influx of cash buyers on the scene, it can feel overwhelming sifting through offers. Especially if you’re a first-time seller unaccustomed to the process. A lot of sellers have the natural inclination to go with the highest monetary offer. However, it’s important to remember that there are more factors to consider than just money.

For instance, let’s say you’ve received two offers. The first offer is a couple of thousand dollars above the asking price, but they want you to vacate your home as soon as possible. The second offer is the exact asking price, but they’ll forgo an inspection and allow you to leave on your own time. There’s a good chance you may still choose the first offer, but it’s worth weighing the pros and cons of your specific circumstances. The key is to choose the “right” offer for you. Our Sarasota realtor is here to serve you.

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What Your Realtors in Sarasota FL Wants You to Know About Inspections

The length, duration, and overall inspection process will vary based on several factors. In certain circumstances, buyers will forgo the process of inspection if they’re trying to attract the seller with the best offer. With that said, inspections are still extremely commonplace, and generally exist to serve the buyer. Inspections serve the purpose of helping buyers uncover any major issues in the house. Along the way, smaller issues may be uncovered in the process. Nonetheless, it’s a major issue poised to cause long-term problems buyers will typically insist you fix it.

 Bear in mind, as the seller you always have the option to refuse to fix any issue found in the inspector’s report. However, if it’s a major issue that requires immediate fixing, you are likely to encounter pushback regardless of the buyer or inspector. At that point, if you’re not interested in fixing the issues, your best course of action would be to find a buyer who will waive any type of inspection. Otherwise, it’s best to prepare to be on the hook for a few fixes. What you agree to is up to you entirely, although our team will always help you find the best way to profit from homes for sale Sarasota FL. 

Going Through Closing/ Escrow/ Negotiations With Your 

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Before moving forward with a buyer we will help you verify that you consent to all terms of the offer. It’s important to comb through offers carefully, as sometimes small but important contingencies can find their way between the lines. At this point, we’ll verify that everything is copasetic between buyer and seller. 

Depending on the offer, several other things may need to occur before entering escrow. However, escrow exists to ensure both buyer and seller are protected in the process. As one of the final steps in the process, escrow is one of the last chances to renege the deal (under very specific circumstances). Basically, during this period the buyer completes financing for the property. Escrow can be a bit unnerving Our realtor Sarasota FL team will be there will you the whole time.     

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After you’ve decided to sell, it’s imperative that you begin to prepare your home. It’s typically commonplace for sellers to depersonalize their spaces and keep them immaculately clean. This helps potential buyers see themselves in your space. Depending on the state of your home, you might want to enlist in some professional cleaning services such as window and carpet cleaning. You can typically do so affordably, and the results speak for themselves. Sellers should also consider enlisting a professional photographer to help you take pictures of the property.  From there you can begin the process of getting your home primed for showings and open houses Sarasota buyers will attend. 

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If you’re selling out of Lakewood Ranch, chances are you already have a lot of traction. As one of Sarasota’s most desirable enclaves, there’s a lot to be gained, financially, out of selling your home in the area. Lakewood Ranch continues to be one of the area’s most coveted enclaves and for good reason. The Ranch is a fully actualized development with its own tight-knit community and housing options. The right buyers will be deeply interested in landing space here. Therefore, if you’re a seller in the area, you’re already at an advantage. We’re Lakewood Ranch FL Realtors, ready to take on your property and prime it optimally for sale. 

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